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NRA Club Leadership & Development Course Description

Course Description

The NRA Club Leadership & Development Online Course is designed to educate current and incoming club officers and leaders in club operations, programs, and membership development.  

Course Prerequisites

No prerequisites


    1. Organizing Your Club
    2. Club Leadership
    3. Incorporation
    4. Club Finances
    5. Marketing and Media
    6. NRA Recruiting
    7. Insurance
    8. Range Development
    9. NRA Programs
    10. Youth Programs
    11. NRA Competitions
    12. Grants

Online Course Delivery

This course is taken and completed online using a computer.  You can take the course at any time, 24/7 from any computer using your log-in and password.  If you exit the course before completing it, when you return you can pick up where you left off.  This course is comprised of instructional screens combined with audio narration that serves as the voice of the instructor.  

Technical Requirements

Most computers will already come with the software required to take this course.

    • Adobe Flash Player - at least version 10 
    • JavaScript must be enabled on your browser - this feature is enabled by default in most computer browsers
    • Browsers: Internet Explorer 9 or above, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera
    • Audio playback capability
    • Adobe PDF Reader

If you want to verify that your computer meets the technical requirements, use the automated “System Compatibility Checker” located on the front page.

Course Materials & Resources

All the materials for this course are electronic and are saved in the Adobe PDF file format.

There are no required reading materials for this program.

We would strongly encourage you to obtain a copy of the NRA Club Officers’ Guide available as a free download online at http://clubs.nra.org/documents/pdf/clubs/officers-guide.pdf . The guidelines in this handbook should stimulate greater activity in your club by standardizing the activities that facilitate a successful club and by providing a sound and defined basis for better understanding in interclub discussions and communications. For hard copies of this book, please contact NRA Clubs & Associations at clubs@nrahq.org or (800) NRA-CLUB. 

Course Completion

You must complete all twelve lessons and a short electronically administered test with an 80% pass rate in order to receive a certificate for Club Leadership & Development.  If you do not pass the course the first time you will be able to repeat the test until you pass. Once you pass the course you will be directed to receive a completion certificate that you can save as a file and/or print. 

Course Expiration

You will have access to this program for 30 days from the start of your enrollment date after which, access expires.

Course Disclaimer

You must be a legal citizen of the United States in order to take this course.

I affirm the following:

    • I am a citizen of the United States or a lawful permanent resident of the United States;
    • I am not an employee of any foreign corporation, business association, partnership, trust, society or any other entity or group that is not incorporated or organized to do business in the United States, or any international organization, foreign government or any agency or subdivision of a foreign government (e.g., diplomatic mission); and
    • I may lawfully attend this school and lawfully receive assistance, training, data and information regarding firearm ranges; I have read and understand the requirements and restrictions on attending this training and the information I have provided is true and accurate.

Course Registration and Payment

Price:  $50

Payment for this course is conducted using a credit card. After the credit transaction is approved you will be automatically registered in this course and you can begin taking the course immediately.

Refund Policy: This course is non-refundable.


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